The Babymoon

She’s back. And this time, she’s not alone…

Now living in Melbourne, Isabelle and Dr Jack from Love Struck are expecting their first child. And, naturally, Isabelle is the very model of a calm, Earth Mother-to-be…

Or she would be if she wasn’t consumed with anxiety about finding her pelvic floor, giving birth to a human-eel hybrid, or the horrifying prospect of having a child named Leroy Marvin. Even worse, as Isabelle’s tummy grows, so does the distance between her and her adored Dr Jack, who, it seems, has quite different priorities…

But with support from a host of new mothers including her friend Fran, her sister Audrey, as well as her fellow gallerina Doug, just maybe Isabelle can make it through pregnancy and childbirth with her dignity, her relationship and some more private bits intact.

Then again, maybe not.

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“If there ever was a reason to resume pelvic floor exercises this book is it – The Babymoon is side-splittingly funny. What makes this book so damn funny are the myriad of observations and digressions on subjects ranging from the absurdity of peeing on a plastic stick to determine your life’s destiny to getting motivated to go to the gym so as to fit into borrowed maternity wear. La’Brooy has an uncanny gift for making the mundane hilarious and she captures the bewildering world of pregnancy and childbirth impeccably. Sharp, witty and not a word out of place… think David Sedaris on folic acid.” Readings Monthly

“Witty, light-hearted, down-to-earth and very Australian.” Sydney Morning Herald

“This hilarious look at first-time motherhood covers all the possible insecurities women face and how babies do change your life – for the better.” Herald Sun

“You’ll love their journey to parenthood, told with the author’s famous sense of humour and style.” Woman’s Day

“You can expect lots of laughs with La’Brooys latest.” Famous

“La’Brooy’s insights into the emotions of a soon-to-be mother are spot on.” Sunday Canberra Times

“The funniest pregnancy novel out there.”