Hero Hathaway likes her life ordered, neat. Perfect. So how does she end up in a Manhattan bar, downing cocktails and masquerading as fearless trapeze artist Lola? Not to mention flirting with the charmingly unpredictable bartender, Oscar Martin. Sparks fly but when Hero panics and runs away, it’s the end of the affair – until she bumps into Oscar in Sydney, two years later.

Oscar is determined to win Hero back. She is equally determined not to be won: she knows, beyond doubt, that they’re hopelessly mismatched. Fate however, has other ideas…

A warm, wise, wicked and laugh-out-loud funny story of one woman’s brave quest to avoid true love – and one man’s unshakeable belief that true love, and the right gorilla-gram, really can conquer all.

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“This is a charming and really rather classy piece of home-grown chick lit. Serendipity is an extremely well-crafted story of a romance, written by someone with a warm, light heart and an excellent gift for comic one-liners. It isn’t often that one laughs out loud while sitting alone reading, but this book will do it for you.” Sydney Morning Herald

“Melanie La’Brooy is a fine comic writer, with the ability to create characters that are cool enough that readers want to be like them, without being so cool that readers can’t relate to them. Serendipity is witty, vivacious, sparkling escapism at its best. Read it before summer slips away.” Newcastle Herald

“La’Brooy must have watched plenty of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant comedies. Serendipity oozes screwball charm.” Daily Telegraph

“It’s quirky, takes place in Sydney and is a must for those with a romantic streak.” West Australian

“A warm and funny story about the trials of true love and the folly of fighting fate.” Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin

“Love and laughter – what a winning combination.” Woman’s Day

“Once again author Melanie La’Brooy delivers another laugh-out-loud story that’s totally enchanting. You won’t be able to put this one down!” Famous