Love Struck

Supposedly there was a time, long ago, when dating was simple…

Isabelle Beckett has a big city career with an art auction house – and she’s also happily in love. Her life is an enviable whirl of glamorous gallery openings and once-in-a-lifetime discoveries. But following an alcohol-induced, relationship-combusting one-night stand, Isabelle finds herself suddenly single in Sydney – an experience for which she is quite unprepared.

Forced to contend with hostile taxi drivers and fanged spiders in the shower, she struggles to retain her dignity and belief in romantic destiny. And then, just when she seems to be regaining control of her life, Isabelle finds herself on the hit list of a Serial Dater.

A gloriously funny novel about one girl’s blossoming love affair with life.

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An audio edition of Love Struck is available from Bolinda

“La’Brooy’s first novel is enchanting. Love Struck is joyful and La’Brooy is very funny.” Marie Claire

Love Struck is witty chick-lit with all the frothiness and zing of a double-strength cappuccino. It’s a hilarious ride on the very fast love train of urban courtship that manages to be as street-wise and sassy as Sex and the City, while somehow retaining a wholesome, girl-next-door quality.” The Age

“Take your basic ‘chick-lit’ novel, double the wit and quirkiness, add a splash of vulnerability, a sprinkling of slapstick and loads of spicy dialogue, and you have Love Struck. Sure to leave you ‘laugh-struck’.” Australian Bookseller and Publisher

“You’ll meet some really fabulous people, enjoy some Sydney silliness and laughable pretensions, and get some strange looks from fellow commuters if you insist on laughing out loud as you while away your journey.” Woman’s Day